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《青云志》 李易峰同款三眼灵猴小 灰毛绒公仔批发

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导读: 小灰手上紧 紧抓着那幅画,跑到鬼厉跟前,口中吱吱吱吱叫个不停。 鬼厉皱着眉 头,伸手将那幅画拿了过来,展开一看,却是画工精巧,笔 小灰 小灰(2张) 力雄健的丛 中卧虎图,他上上下下打量两眼,看向小灰,道:你拿这幅画做什么? 小灰蹦了起 来,手舞足蹈,面

小灰手上緊緊抓著那幅畫 ,跑到鬼厲跟前,口中“吱吱吱吱”叫個不停。
鬼厲皺著眉 頭,伸手將那 幅畫拿了過來,展開壹看,卻是畫工精巧 ,筆
 力雄健的叢 中臥虎圖,他上上下 下打量兩眼,看向小灰,道:“妳拿這幅畫做什麽 ?”
小灰蹦了起 來,手舞足蹈,面上神色大是興奮,雙手揮舞,或指著 畫中猛虎,或虛空畫了個奇怪的圖案,不壹會 又手指北方,忙得不亦樂乎,只把在旁邊的鬼先生看得眼花繚亂,他雖然學識淵博世所罕見 ,但對於這只三眼猴子 的猴語,自是壹竅不通,滿腹疑問之下 ,只得轉眼向鬼厲看 去。
誰知看鬼厲面 上神情居然也有幾分錯愕,看著小 灰的動作以及不停發出吱吱的叫 聲,鬼厲又向那畫中看了壹眼,遲疑了壹下, 道:“妳……莫非是覺得這畫裏的東西很像大黃,所以想把 這幅畫帶走, 日後送給大黃?”
鬼厲雖然此刻心情 不好,但仍是有點忍不住,這畫中猛虎栩 栩如生不假,但虎威雄烈,就算是臥伏草叢,也 凜然生威,豈是大竹峰上 那只雖然毛色光鮮但奇懶無比、好吃貪 睡的大狗可比的?更何況,鬼厲看來 看去,委實是看不出這只猛虎到底 有哪壹點和大黃相象的地方 。
看來猴子的 眼光與人類果然是 大不相同的。
不過錯愕好笑之後 ,鬼厲卻也想起了在 千裏之外的大黃,還有那壹 座在回憶中帶著溫暖的山峰,片刻沈默之後,他嘴角有淡淡笑意,面上神情也柔和了許多,低聲道 :“這幅畫是鬼王 宗主的,眼下不好拿走,不過妳放心,回 頭我替妳向他 要來就是了。”說著,他手上 輕輕將這幅叢中臥虎圖卷起,放在 了壹旁。
鬼先生忍不 住問了壹句:“大黃是誰?”
鬼厲頓了壹下,隨後淡淡看了 鬼先生壹眼,道:“壹只狗。”
Gray hands clutching the painting, ran to the ghost and complete, and the mouth "(chirping" barked.
Ghosts and complete with a frown, stretched out his hand will be taking over the painting and a look, is drawing is exquisite, the pen
Gray (2)
Force powerful among lie HuTu, he looked eyes, up and down to look gray, way: "what do you take this picture?"
Gray jump up and dance, is excited, look big hands waving, and pointing to a tiger in the picture, design of a strange or vanity, soon fingers north again, busy busy, only put beside Mr Ghost see more dazzling, although he is a knowledgeable are rare, but for the third eye monkey monkey, naturally know nothing, full of doubt, had to turn to the ghost and complete.
Who knows to see ghosts and complete surface was also something of a fright, look at the gray action and keep a squeaking sound, ghost and complete and to look at the picture, hesitated, said: "... it is you think this the things in the picture is very like rhubarb, want to take the picture, so in the future to rhubarb?"
Gray nodded immediately.
Ghost folded in a bad mood at the moment, but is still a little could not help but, in this painting tiger lifelike, but from the male, even WoFu grass, also Lin however rough, is that although the colour on the greater the peak glamorous but lazy matchless, delicious big dog comparable to sleep?Look, what's more, a ghost him is really don't see the tiger how which point and rhubarb alike.
Looks like the monkey eyes with human proved to be very different.
Funny but consternation, ghost and complete but also thinking of radix et rhizoma rhei in thousands of miles away, and that a mountain that has been in the memories with a warm, after a brief silence, he has a light smile corners of the mouth, face expression is much softer and whispered: "this painting is the prince of the devils patriarch, now is not good to take away, but don't worry, I'll put you back just to come to him."Said, and his hand gently it among lie HuTu rolled up, on the one side.
Mr Ghost could not help but ask: "rhubarb is who?"
Ghost folded paused, then light saw Mr Ghost one eye, way: "a dog."